torsdag 29. mai 2008

okay, yeah if its too hard to find a hi-res version its okay, i just like the colors in that one a lot.

yeah, as for the posters i was kind of holding on those until the book, but i can print them any time if you like...

i was thinking of perhaps printing the totem one smaller like the size of the book maybe??
and on very heavy paper, almost like a thick card.

the other one was going to be blue, right? i need to find a nice sheet of paper for it, what do you think? i thought maybe an off-white paper that was soft feeling.

lemme know your thoughts on both of them, i can print them this weekend if we decide on those details.

the only thing is that i don´t have it in hi-res anymore.
it got lost somehow. but i will try to find it, and if not,
then i have a small collection of other microscopic pixz.

how is the posters coming along?

lørdag 24. mai 2008

lookin good

maybe if we keep using more found images we could incorporate this one too...maybe on like the back cover or somehow

fredag 23. mai 2008

i liked the bottom one,
lets include it!


i like this one below!!

here are two drawings i did thinking about skinny dippers +nudists...they came out more cartoony than i wanted haha. i dont think they should go in the book or anything, but thought i'd share :)

jepsi pepsi,
i´ll ask!

torsdag 22. mai 2008


yeah!! :) we better ask for permission.. i didnt know that it was from anything or anyone living or creating artwork in the present.

i like it in its plain form..lets use it that way if its ok with the artist.
these look good.
i´m searching for some more "found" images.

oh, and this image is by someone on flickr. maybe we should ask the photographer if we can use it, and keep it in its original shape?

another sketch

tirsdag 20. mai 2008


i was hoping you would say that...i want to have a more collaborative process using both of our materials and works together..i think we're on the right path!

i like all of yours below, except maybe your drawing shouldn't be on that shrub photo, i think it needs its own page.

here are two more quick sketches.

i'd still like to incorporate a few of my older pictures from around here if that okay with you,
also i like the ones from your birth town also!!

some quik sketches

i think we should mix it more

mandag 19. mai 2008

could you send the shoes and multi-color splatter to my email?? i can use them in collaging...unless you have plans for them.

i love the top one!! we should put it in the book

what do you think of my arrangements?? you think they could work?

some found images

fredag 16. mai 2008


here are some simple collage/arranements of my photos, remind me again of ones you think we should gonna keep putting pages together...

lemme know what you think and if you want to work on any or add, or if you have something that might go well as the opposite page, the pages above dont have to go in this order at all.

we should maybe next week start to discuss the order and arrangement of it :)

i am in love with the infinite library project, thanks for posting that on bevelandboss !!!

torsdag 15. mai 2008

sweat lodge

its a homemade sweat lodge!! near where i used to live in new mexico...the people who lived there were outlaws kind of hiding in this really remote area.... they had a really cool little place there surrounded by these huge mountains!!!!

i was about the post that picture!
i like it alot, lets put it in the book!
is it a tent or something?

:)....ok, yeah i make a lot of different kind of things mostly drawings and photos, so im never quite sure if they really make sense anyway when together...

ill gather somethings together... were right about the collage, and dont worry about being critical...its helpful :)
i didn´t mean it like that,
offcourse you´re gonna do both,
i was just a little critical 2 your collage:)

yes, we need to put things together that fit and make sense.
and some more photographs would be nice.
maybe we could look through each other things, and pick out what we would like to put in the book?

tirsdag 13. mai 2008


yeah, you're right its pretty much of a static scene...with not much mystery or event. :/

i feel like you're right when you commented earlier that we need to produce a bunch of work in order to combine it later...but i think we also need to kind of tighten it up too, so that all the different things stay cohesive.

i feel like our biggest challenge will be to keep it all together in a way that makes sense.

i want to produce a bunch of things but i dont want it to be useless....or i want them to mesh well.
perhaps simple photographs are best for me, i can give you some more of mine to look through....what do you think??

we could use some of these pictures to make collages of

i like collages where something happends,
i can´t say that there is too much going on in your landscape collage.
i´ve also tried to make collages that fit well with your photographs, that i absolutely love.
does that make sense? maybe adjust the colors on the top one, so it fits with the bottom one!

mandag 12. mai 2008


lørdag 10. mai 2008


in progress...not totally sure....could you maybe send me the usendit link again if you have others uploaded :)

fredag 9. mai 2008


i sent you this one to your email...the blue layer/shape in the top left...i'm not so sure about ??
let me know what you think :) i just realized too that it looks super dark on the screen...i don't think the file really is that dark.

mandag 5. mai 2008

i´m uploading some images and other scans 2 senduit now.
feel free to 2 whatever you like.

(these are my favorite pants:)

maybe you could send me one or two from the bok

maybe i could work with a few of those original images unless you have ideas for them already, this one is a really awesome group / collage ! :)
scanner is good:)

i found a book with lots of pictures from my birthtown stavanger