søndag 28. desember 2008

torsdag 24. juli 2008

maybe i can include this too.

mandag 14. juli 2008

i sent you the illustrator file of the inside cover to your email, so you can work with those shapes and rearrange them...feel free to add to or edit the text as well.

i'll use that hi-res version to make a final outside cover.

i like the shapes! but could i try another layout?

and here is the high res version of the back image

torsdag 10. juli 2008

Well i realize its impossible to read that type, but its basic stuff about the edition and how it was made. if you click on the pic you can read it better.

i put your website, bevelandboss, and my site addresses on there too. i'll send you an email with all the text in it. let me know if you want to say anything at the end of the book there.

i'm not sure about those shapes, but i thought it could use something...any ideas, you like them?
hahaha :)

sure thing!
i'm gonna make up a hi-res version of the cover tonight to print tomorrow.
i'll scale down the back page image just a little so it isn't so pixelated.

what about the inside covers? as far as information goes. what would you like
to say there? i'll put some info about the book and edition size that kind of stuff.

but if you want to thank anyone or have any other info let me know. i'll post it up here when
i get it done.

we need this in the book 2

onsdag 9. juli 2008

looks great!

the image on the back only 1400 x 900 px, so maybe it have to be a little smaller, or a little bit pixelerated, but that doesnt mather.

fredag 4. juli 2008

i like these two a lot, let's include them. i'm glad you like the cover. i'd like to use it if thats cool :)

i liked both the top collage you made and also the original one, they both will work well for the package!!
i like that cover

i found some nice images we could include in the book,
and a high res image of this


onsdag 2. juli 2008


mandag 30. juni 2008

i like this collage a lot too, both the colors and for the way i can print it too. here is another cover idea. with two different blues over top also just to see what that would look like.

i liked that you chose this photo, so i just tried to add a uncomplicated font. i made it italic cause the shiny blanket was floating.

i like this one the best.
but lets wait to we have the cover

søndag 29. juni 2008

i like this top one a lot!! i think we should use it.
it will be easier for me to print also than the bottom one.

the larger areas of color will be better to print plus i really dig those colors, especially the bright green and the yellow color!

i'm working on a few simple covers that ill post soon too.



torsdag 26. juni 2008

i set some type real quick for fun, i just found some more wooden type too, so maybe i'll play around some more with wood type. i agree that the typeface for the cover should be rather simple and classic to balance the collage.

i really like the blanket photo one you did... i'll keep working on different versions. :)

typography i like

i was thinking something classical would fit well with the collage. but maybe something other fit? i don´t know, lets just try different things. and i got to make the collage aswell! why am i only using times? u tell me

onsdag 25. juni 2008

coverzzz need good typo---graphy

any images of type/font suggestions?

another cover sketch

Heres another cover sketch... I need to do something more with the type I have / am using. Customize some system fonts. At the moment I have a very bland group of standard type faces, any ideas for type??

søndag 22. juni 2008

a quik sketch for a cover

a quick first idea :) i took this picture and it came out like this...the type is conservative but i thought balanced the image.

what do you think?

i'm working on some more ... sounds good about the collage!!

p.s. -- we haven't settled on a title, right?
lets talk about that too. i'm open to lots of ideas for it. i just used u tell me here :)
hei nick,
this look great! i´ll start on a collage, with some bright colors, but not to bright. Maybe we should have a photographs with some nice typo on the cover of the book? think it will look nice to the collage.

i´ll post some collages real soon!

lørdag 21. juni 2008

two print versions

I printed both of the prints...they're the size of the book 7 x 10 inches, printed on a very heavy smooth uncoated paper. This photo isnt so good, but they both came out really nicely! If you think either should be bigger, I can re-print them. I'm working on a prototype package to show you.

p.s. this image is reversed for some reason...the prints are both the other way around in real life.

fredag 20. juni 2008

printed package to hold the book + prints

so i was thinking about printing a multi-colored heavy paper pouch/sleeve to hold the book and prints. i thought if you made a paper collage similar to the one above, i could print those colored shapes, then cut out, fold and glue it to make a package...sorry the image above isnt very clear.

ill post a more colorful and clearer version later tonight or tomorrow. let me know what you think, i think it could be a rad way of holding all the objects :)

søndag 8. juni 2008

onsdag 4. juni 2008

i think they should be smaller too.
we could make a pack with the book and the poster in it,
that could be a bigger, so the posters fit.
but then they can´t be 2 big,
u tell me!

and maybe a print with 2 of your photographs?

tirsdag 3. juni 2008

i agree :)

the totem should be smaller i feel but the other may need to be folded, which i have mixed feelings about...

any ideas about how to incorporate them into the book?

i think we should begin to arrange the book into a final layout, i'd like to print it soon.


mandag 2. juni 2008

maybe one or both posters should come with the book?

søndag 1. juni 2008


maybe? in combination with something else?

torsdag 29. mai 2008

okay, yeah if its too hard to find a hi-res version its okay, i just like the colors in that one a lot.

yeah, as for the posters i was kind of holding on those until the book, but i can print them any time if you like...

i was thinking of perhaps printing the totem one smaller like the size of the book maybe??
and on very heavy paper, almost like a thick card.

the other one was going to be blue, right? i need to find a nice sheet of paper for it, what do you think? i thought maybe an off-white paper that was soft feeling.

lemme know your thoughts on both of them, i can print them this weekend if we decide on those details.

the only thing is that i don´t have it in hi-res anymore.
it got lost somehow. but i will try to find it, and if not,
then i have a small collection of other microscopic pixz.

how is the posters coming along?

lørdag 24. mai 2008

lookin good

maybe if we keep using more found images we could incorporate this one too...maybe on like the back cover or somehow

fredag 23. mai 2008

i liked the bottom one,
lets include it!


i like this one below!!

here are two drawings i did thinking about skinny dippers +nudists...they came out more cartoony than i wanted haha. i dont think they should go in the book or anything, but thought i'd share :)

jepsi pepsi,
i´ll ask!

torsdag 22. mai 2008


yeah!! :) we better ask for permission.. i didnt know that it was from anything or anyone living or creating artwork in the present.

i like it in its plain form..lets use it that way if its ok with the artist.
these look good.
i´m searching for some more "found" images.

oh, and this image is by someone on flickr. maybe we should ask the photographer if we can use it, and keep it in its original shape?

another sketch

tirsdag 20. mai 2008


i was hoping you would say that...i want to have a more collaborative process using both of our materials and works together..i think we're on the right path!

i like all of yours below, except maybe your drawing shouldn't be on that shrub photo, i think it needs its own page.

here are two more quick sketches.

i'd still like to incorporate a few of my older pictures from around here if that okay with you,
also i like the ones from your birth town also!!