onsdag 30. april 2008

i need a scanner

i need a scanner for uploading drawings and non-photos, cause i have a few things i think will fit in.

also i'd like to begin to layout the book in an order, cause i think that will help us to edit and compose it into a meaningful object and keep it rolling along, since its only 24 pages we can edit and determine how and what will go where.

tirsdag 29. april 2008


and this fits fine 2
i think!
maybe this on the backside of the blanket?

fredag 25. april 2008

here and there

not sure if or how these will fit...
simple collages are also nice
its not me who made it!
put i was thinking 2 draw some shapes and patterns
on a black paper.

also, maybe we need some geometry?

torsdag 24. april 2008

please can we include this too! talk about brightness....

the pattern is pretty close, i have a whole book of navajo and rio grande balnket patterns...i scanned almost all of them in one day hahaha..

thanks, yeah i look for color. maybe we could have a fold out, with the white on black drawing on one side and a blanket on the other side. or use it as a wrapper for the book.
is that the same pattern that is on the shirt?
i really like it!
i was thinking of making something on black paper.

and, i really like the brightness you use in your photographs!

cut and inked

here is one of the blankets, i'm gonna start to work on this over the weekend. i'll do some pen and ink drawing as well as cut outs with the photos. that is a super drawing! maybe it could fold out somehow...
yes, i really enjoy blankets and quilt patterns. we could draw something by pen? i think that would turn out nice.

sorta like paperheart.com

onsdag 23. april 2008

your watercolors will fit beautifully

i have a lot of navajo blanket images that i think could be useful for pattern, this is something funny i made looking at them, but i dont want it in really, i think its too harsh....

fffound and collage

the last one could be useful without the text...the other two are found, do you know what the first image is from? a film? its familiar but i can't place it? can't remember where it came from

also, i think this works well with your photos
i painted today

maybe we can use some of it?